Let's face it... men simply don't understand women. And there's a reason for that: women have a hormonal cycle that men don't have. 

Until now, the menstrual cycle has been a great mystery. And it’s obvious why… just look at the 4 hormones that drive a woman’s behavior – each has a different affect on her physical and emotional well-being. How is anyone supposed to understand this mumbo jumbo?

The scientists behind Tame Your Crazy Bear have spent the past 2 years decoding the menstrual cycle. Last August, they cracked the code and finally made sense of it all… now, for the first time ever, they are delivering it to you in this fact-packed ebook.

With Tame Your Crazy Bear, you will get never-before-seen access into a woman’s inner workings. You’ll learn all about the 4 emotional phases a woman experiences each month and how you can modify your behavior in each phase in order to maximize your happiness.


 Tame Your Crazy Bear reveals…



(and one little-known SECRET)


… that are guaranteed to get you more hanky-panky.


1) It’s the diet, dummy. Diet plays a very important role in her sexual desire. There’s a list of food in this book that’ll get your sexual performance to levels never before witnessed.

2) Stimulate her brain. A woman’s biggest sex organ is her brain. Stimulate it and you’ll get laid more often. In this book, there are specific ideas for how to excite her brain into wanting you.

3) Become Adonis. This book will reveal four specific ideas that will make her see you as the Adonis she always wanted you to be.



A “Shortcut” that Really Works!


Tame Your Crazy Bear works because it mixes “shit, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard” humor with real, verifiable science. You’ll laugh as you learn when PMS happens, why it happens and what you can do to minimize the number of times YOUR woman gets crazy. It’s an inside edge others before you weren’t fortunate enough to get.


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The Secret to




The truth is, women are complex creatures. Sometimes they want romance. Sometimes they want quickies. Sometimes they want you to be cuddled. And sometimes they want you to shut the fuck up and agree with them.

With this book, you’ll understand what she wants and when she wants it.


Starting just 10 minutes from right now, you can apply these essential tools to begin building a better rapport with the woman in your life… so you can have the care-free relationship you’ve always wanted.

It’s the best guide about women on the planet – and it’s just $9.99.

 In this Special Book YOU will discover...
  • What the 4 phases of a woman’s cycle are and how you can use this information to gain a sexual advantage.


  • How the existence of a woman’s reality distortion field can lead to untold relationship headaches.


  • The different types of cramps a woman experiences and the foods she can eat to minimize her cramping.


  • The 3 things you can do to score a guaranteed, no-strings-attached BJ – even when she’s on her period!


  • The specific aphrodisiacs that will lead to a 50% greater interest in sex (hint: they aren’t chocolate bars and oyster meat – that stuff’s a myth!).


  • How breaking the Golden Rule will lead to the demise of your relationship.


  • How one simple exercise can increase your performance – and her pleasure – in the sack.


  • The importance of the cuddle hormone to a woman’s well-being.


  • How severe cases of PMS – known as PMDD – can get you killed.


  • And you’ll discover tools you can use TODAY to help track and manage your woman’s cycle.


Attention: It's completely legal to use the methods contained in this book to understand and satisfy your woman.


Grant yourself the power

of knowledge for just $9.99.

Don't take our word for it... the people have spoken! 

Tame Your Crazy Bear has received thunderous claps of approval from people all over the globe:


Informative, funny, shocking, gross, thought provoking, and absolutely spot on.

- Shane Stanfield, dating and attraction coach for men over 35

This is great insight. It's funny and informative, great combo that would hold even a retard’s attention. Great job!

- Branden Hertz, good looking retard

Last week in the midst of quite a row over the fact that I said 'that top looks a little sad for a driver's license photo' to my wife (I'm a man)- whereupon it was suggested that perhaps i should 'SHUT THE FUCK UP' (repeated a few times lest i wasn't immediately hip to the gist), I then produced my iPhone after some fun soul searching whilst we were driving and showed her the 'CRAZY BEAR' face for that day (in fact, this was the day you said 'you WILL get in a fight today').

'twas a ray of enlightening sunshine. Thank YOU! You're brilliant!

- Brent Bonacorso, Producer

After 25 years of marriage, you have become a welcome guest. You keep the guess work out and give me exact, critical data, which has helped me to adjust my attitude and understand why some days are smooth while others are meant for yard work and car maintenance. Best planner ever! A friendly reminder that has no equal. Keeps the home front stable.  

- JT 


I personally want to thank you.  The Crazy Bear has made my life better, much better.

- William Rawlings, Fund manager

I've been signing everyone up - including my parents -- they love It !! :-)

- Demi Moreno

My wife thinks this is funny as hell.

- Jeff Calwell

Funny as shit.

- Necia Belmesa


- Cristina Vazquez

Listen to these geniuses and harness the limitless power that comes with understanding women for just $9.99!

Tame Your Crazy Bear is the biggest no-brainer of your life. Try it for 12 Cycles and if you don’t think it works, you can email us at refund@thedailycramp.com and we’ll give you your money back. No hassles, no worries. We only want satisfied customers.



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This button will take you to Gumroad.com. Pay & you'll instantly get a download link.

This button will take you to Gumroad.com. Pay & you'll instantly get a download link.

This button will take you to Gumroad.com. You'll get a download link after paying.

This button will take you to Gumroad.com. You'll get a download link after paying.

 Yeah, it’s confusing. But it's far from hopeless.